Frequently Asked Questions


What will I need to bring to Training Classes/One-to-One training?

During the first night of our training classes course, we will ask you to bring your completed booking form, payment for the full course and your dogs vaccination card. We will also be checking your dogs ID meets the correct standards. Every week we ask that you bring a suitable collar and lead, treats and/or toy, a brush and of course, your dog! For One-to-One training please have all your usual equipment ready and if possible some treats and/or your dogs favourite toy.

What ID should my dog have?

U.K. Law states that dogs should be wearing the correct identification. Your dogs ID should clearly state your Name and Address including Postal Code. It is also helpful to include your phone number. Dogs should also be microchipped, with your contact details being kept up to date on the microchipping database. Owners can be fined for not having the correct identification on their dogs, so please feel free to ask any of our trainers for information if you are not sure. 

What if my dog isn't well when I am due to be training?

We ask that if your dog is not well you do not bring him/her to training classes to ensure any illness is not spread throughout the rest of the class. If you are able, please come along without your dog to watch so that you can practise at home when your dog is better. If you have concerns at any point about whether to bring your dog, please just get in contact to discuss.

What if my dog is noisy or nervous?

Please discuss any concerns you may have with us directly. We recognise that classes aren't suitable for all dogs, so one-to-one training may suit you better. We may also be able to arrange for you to come with your dog to a class beforehand to see how they cope. This must be arranged in advance. 

Can I come and watch before I book?

Of course. We would be happy to have you come and watch a class (or a whole evening!) prior to booking on. We do ask that you contact us beforehand to arrange. 

Where areas do you cover for one-to-one training?

Please get in contact to see if we cover your area - we currently cover a wide area throughout Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. One to One training is usually arranged at your address, or a local area.